jsreport download
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The only prerequisite is presence of node.js (>= 18.15) on the target machine. The installation is then initiated using npm.

npm install @jsreport/jsreport-cli -g
mkdir jsreportapp
cd jsreportapp
jsreport init
jsreport configure
jsreport start

Now you can reach jsreport on default port 5488. See the configuration documentation for changing the port and other options.
Updating already installed application can be done through npm. See update steps in FAQ.

popular platforms installation manuals:


You can also download jsreport in cross platform, single executable file form.
The executable can be used as an utility or also as slightly limited server. See the executable documentation for details.

Download from github releases

Full customizations

The default installation can be additionally extended with custom extensions, recipes and engines. You can even write your own custom extension.


jsreport on premise is free as long as you use up to 5 report templates, afterwards you need to buy an enterprise license. See terms of use .