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General questions

Phantom pdf recipe

Update existing jsreport server to the latest version

Updating is very simple using npm. Just navigate to your application directory and type:

npm update

Migrate templates from the test to the production server

jsreport stores by default templates in the application\data folder. To migrate templates you can just grab content of this folder and copy it to the production server.

Run jsreport on different port

You need to open prod.config.json file and edit httpsPort property to desired value. For details please explore configuration documentation.

Increase performance

jsreport uses by default dedicated processes for rendering pdf or scripts. This solution works better in some cloud and corporate environments with proxies. However for other cases it is better to reuse phantomjs and nodejs workers over multiple requests.

Open prod.config.json and update following:

"phantom": {     
    "strategy": "phantom-server"
"tasks": {       
    "strategy": "http-server"

See configuration documentation for details.

Windows path too long 256 characters limitation

Windows has limitation for maximum file path set to 256 characters and this doesn't play well with nested paths used by older NPM versions. To make sure the windows deployment plays well please do update NPM to the latest release 3.

npm update npm

National characters are not displayed properly

You need to add proper charset to the html head meta:

    <meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type">

For details check National characters section in the documentation.

Highcharts are not printed into pdf properly

Highcharts are using complex animations by default preventing proper pdf printing. To go through it you need to disable highcharts animation like shown on playground example.