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on-premise licenses

Choose between yearly subscription or perpetual based license. The subscription based license is automatically renewed, include all updates and is valid as long as the subscription is paid. The perpetual license includes only limited period for which the updates are included, but is valid endlessly. The enterprise plan requires dedicated license for every server instance. The scale plan is better option when running multiple instances or deploying as part of another product to multiple customers because it provides single license which can be used on infinite amount of instances. All licenses are royalty free.


fully featured server limited for up to 5 report templates
no license key
max 5 templates

0 $


fully featured single server instance with no limitations
dev servers for free *
updates included

295 $ / year

enterprise scale

one license key valid for infinite amount of instances
updates included

995 $ / year

The support isn't part of the license. It should be purchased extra in support section if needed. Beware that it takes two weeks to activate support contract if it is purchased at a later date than the license. You can also rely on the free community support, but this has no guarantees and no benefits like paid support contract.

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github free enterprise for contributors
free enterprise for all open source projects

* The server is considered as production if it is used by users outside of the dev team. This means that the continuous integration server is considered as development for example. However UAT server can be considered as production if it is reached by the users outside of the dev team.

Having the license key already? See the FAQ how to apply it.