support plans

The support isn't part of the license and needs to be purchased extra here. You can also rely on the free community support, but this has no guarantees and no benefits like paid support contract. The paid contract ships with SLA and enables access to the private support portal and direct priority access to jsreport developers.


active public forum
administrated by jsreport developers
1153 topics and 5412 posts already submitted to forum

0 $


affordable help with jsreport integration
priority bug fixes
valid for 2 months
2 hours of custom implementations and skype sessions

395 $


get support from jsreport core team
next day response *
Mon-Fri | 09:00-19:00 GMT
3 hours of custom implementations and skype sessions

895 $ / year

Please open support portal and follow the instructions if you already purchased the support package.

* Please read and understand support service agreement before subscribing