Decompose templates into reusable components

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A complex template can be decomposed into components. The component consists of templating engine content and helpers. Its evaluation works similar way to a template. It accepts input data, evaluates templating engine, and returns the output. However components, unlike child templates, don't have recipes or runs scripts, because components are designed to perform great even when thousands of components are rendered in a loop.

A component, with handlebars templating engine can look the following


How to use

A component can be embedded to the template or to a parent component using templating engine helper component(path). The syntax depends on the particular templating engine used.


{{#each customers}} 
  {{component "./customer"}}


{{for customers}} 

The templating engine current context is automatically applied in the component. This means the current array item from customers in the previous example will be this in the component.

Passing some extra attributes to the component context is possible through a custom helper. This can look the following way in handlebars.

function prepareData(someAttribute, options) {   
    return options.fn({
{{#each customers}}    
    {{#prepareData @root.someAttribute}}
        {{component "customer"}}

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