Table of contents and clickable links in pdf

05-22-2015 14:00

Today I am releasing new jsreport recipe which is using wkhtmltopdf utility to convert html into pdf. This recipe should add the most requested jsreport feature which is support for table of contents and clickable links in pdf generation.


This new recipe is not a core part of jsreport package right now and you need to additionally install it. You can find instructions as well as documentation under construction here

So right now jsreport has support for rendering pdf using 3 recipes:

  • phantom-pdf - html to pdf conversion, the fastest pdf rendering, great for heavy scale, lack of support for TOC and links
  • fop-pdf - pdf rendering using Apache FOP, very advanced to use but gives the most precise results
  • wkhtmltopdf - html to pdf conversion, not that fast as phantom but includes support for TOC and links