Fop pdf recipe

The most common way to print pdf report from jsreport is to use chrome-pdf recipe and let it convert html into pdf. This is very productive but sometimes you want to have better control over pdf rendering. In this case you should consider using Fop-pdf recipe. Fop-pfg recipe is using apache fop to print pdf reports. The report must be defined using special xml format called fo. This format can be nicely combined with templating engines to dynamically assemble report definition.

fop-pdf is running on playground and jsreport online but you need to explicitly install it for your on-prem jsreport server. To fullfill this you need to download apache fop and java and also add its locations into your executable PATH environment variable.


Use fop-pdf node in the standard config file.

"extensions": {
  "fop-pdf": {
    // max output size allowed in bytes, if the pdf output is greater than
    // this value the rendering will be terminated with an error.
    // Defaults to 500kb (500 * 1024)
    "maxOutputSize": 500 * 1024,
    // the max size of the collected logs from FOP process, if log is greater than this value
    // the log will be trimmed. Defaults to 1000 characters
    "maxLogEntrySize": 1000