Release 3.8.0

09-26-2022 15:04

🚀 jsreport 3.8.0 includes attractive new features, lets check it out.

embedding simple html to docx

The docx recipe now includes new helper docxHtml which can be used to transform and embed simple html into docx. This can be used, for example, when you need to insert user inputs from the WYSIWYG editor.


pdf/A support

You can now opt-in and let jsreport convert the output pdf into pdf/A.


pdf accessibility

chrome-pdf by default produces accessible pdfs, but until now the pdf utils operations weren't able to combine multiple documents and preserve the accessibility tags. Now you can opt-in and preserve the accessibility.

pdf acessibility

The new pdfDest helper can be used to declare links across different pdf documents combined together using pdf utils operations.

<!-- one template-->
<a  href='#1'  id='1'>
  link to another template
<!-- second template (appended)-->
{{{pdfDest  "1"}}}