11-07-2014 16:50

Update: This is no longer valid, see the updated licensing.

There is quite often a confusion about jsreport licensing so I decided to clarify it in this blog post. I am not an expert on open source licenses so don't hesitate to correct me when I am wrong.

jsreport is published under AGPL license. This type of license guarantees we get back all the possible contributions made to the jsreport core. This means you cannot just download jsreport, do the changes to the source codes and redistribute it. You need to contribute your changes to us first. This help us to get all the possible enhancements and tune up jsreport as much as possible for everyone.

Some people are confused by AGPL and thinks you need to open source every application using jsreport. This is wrong and trust me, we don't want that. You don't have to open source your application because you communicate with jsreport server over standard HTTP protocol and therefore jsreport is considered as a separate work. This means AGPL conditions doesn't apply to your software. This applies even when using any of the jsreport clients because all the clients are distributed under MIT license which does not have such conditions.

This licensing model were taken from and already proven by mongodb.