Updated licensing

08-20-2015 16:05

After two years of heavy development we are ready to bring the product to the market and partially monetize our effort and support future development. This changes the jsreport licensing and I am going to explain it how.

Free with limits

jsreport can be freely used on personal or non profit projects without limits. It can be also freely used on commercial projects as long as you don't have more than 5 templates in the jsreport store. With these limits you can also distribute jsreport along with your product.

If you reached the limits you should buy the enterprise license. The enterprise license unlocks jsreport and it also includes support with SLA directly from us.

Note this touches just jsreport server. All the other packages and libraries for rendering reports we released through the time on GitHub are MIT licensed. This also includes nodejs library toner which powers jsreport rendering engine.

Open on GitHub

jsreport is open sourced and you can download and modify the sources no matter if you use it for free or not. We will also accept your pull requests, continuously improve jsreport and actively communicate with the community.

The future and expansion

We are currently implementing the new enterprise ready features and extensions for jsreport. When this is done we want to make jsreport core free and GPL licensed and sell just additional enterprise features. We only need some time to get there.