jsreportonline gets major update with v3

07-26-2022 15:04

UPDATE - The release is postponed by one week to 27.9.2022

📢 jsreport v3 was released almost a year ago, but finally, now it's time to ship it also to the jsreportonline.

🚀 What does this mean? Tons of new features which were developed during the last two years and which are already part of the jsreport v3 will become available to the jsreportonline users. You can look forward to the new studio profiler, better code structuring using components, scoping scripts to the folders, grouping users to groups, and much much more.

🎁 A game changer for many of you could be the coming support for using custom npm modules in jsreportonline.

🏎 The jsreportonline service also gets a HW upgrade which you can notice by significantly improved performance.

📆 The migration is planned for 20.9.2022. We've prepared the environment which you can use to test your workspace and raise a complaint during the next two months. The environment is reachable at https://jsreportonline-test.net and contains a copy of the production data. Feel free to modify templates and test the new features. Please pay attention to careful testing of your current templates.

Potential problems

This section will be updated through the time...

Helpers declaration

Helpers declared as variables aren't working in v3.

// helper not found
var aHelper = () => 'foo'

Such declareation needs to be replaced with function

function aHelper() {
  return 'foo'