jsreport 3.0.0 released

10-26-2021 17:13

I'm very happy to announce, that today, we've released the stable version of jsreport 3.0.0 We were working on this release for the whole year. It's full of great new features and improvements. We believe you will love it.


You need to use minimal node.js 16.11.0.

npm install @jsreport/jsreport-cli -g
mkdir jsreportapp
cd jsreportapp
jsreport init
jsreport configure
jsreport start


In most cases, the migration shouldn't need manual updating of your existing templates. However, we prepared a dedicated migration guide to cover all aspects and changes.


In the jsreport 3.0.0, you can use new profiler, components or enjoy improved performance. Please refer to details in the blog post announcing v3 beta or to the updated documentation


There is no need to update when you have jsreport v2 already running and happy with it. However, in case you are just starting or looking forward to trying great new features, the jsreport v3 is the way to go.

Please reach us on the forum in case you have problems or just want to share your experience and thoughts.