Windows single executable

jsreport is mainly distributed through node package manager, but for windows users we ship also convenient distribution in the single executable file. You simple download the file jsreport.exe and run it. The executable automatically unpacks required files and runs the node process hosting jsreport server. Except .net runtime there is no need for any other dependency.


Start server with default config file on the https 443


Override configuration through command line parameters

jsreport.exe --httpPort 2000 --httpsPort 0

Install windows service

jsreport.exe --httpsPort 5000 --install

Uninstall windows service

jsreport.exe --httpsPort 5000 --uninstall

Get help

jsreport.exe --help

Just rendering

jsreport.exe can be also used for command line report rendering without starting a server or REST API.

jsreport.exe --render request.json --output file.pdf

Where request.json is json formatted file with report specification. The file has the same structure as API call so you can use the same instructions as in the API documentation.

Example request.json:

  "template": {
    "content": "Hello World {{:foo}}",
    "recipe": "phantom-pdf",
    "engine": "jsrender"
  "data": {
    "foo": "from jsreport command line"

Additionally you can use --template option to specify report template separately. The request is then merged from both --render and --template values.

jsreport.exe --render request.json --template tmpl.json --output file.pdf

Example tmpl.json:

  "content": "Template World {{:foo}}",
  "recipe": "phantom-pdf",
  "engine": "jsrender"

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