Online limits

The timeouts for specific jsreport tasks are not depending on the pricing plan. The following table lists the timeouts for the most important recipes and tasks. The chrome-pdf recipe timeout is for example 20s but the templating engine rendering is limited with 10s, afterwards it gets killed. The last hard container timeout is the fixed timeout for any task, after the whole docker container used to execute the task or recipe is restarted.

task timeout
phantomjs 20s
chrome 20s
electron 20s
templating engine 10s
scripts 20s
hard container timeout 50s

Each jsreportonline has its own throttling limits for rendering or amount of stored entities. The rendering throttling is always measured in the 5 minutes window. If the time spent in the rendering containers reaches the limit, the new requests are rejected until the 5 minutes window is closed. Each account has also limit for number of entities stored in each entity set.

plan render throttling entity amount limit
free 50s 20
bronze 200s 100
silver 600s 300
gold 1000s 500

NOTE: entity amount limit for folders is always 100 for each plan

The stored reports are persisted only for limited time which varies based on the subscribed plan.

plan reports persistence limnit
free day
bronze week
silver month
gold month

Additionally there are the following miscellaneous limits you should be aware of.

limit name value
min scheduling interval 5min
max parallel render requests 5
max render requests per second 5
maximum POST body size 20MB