Install and use npm modules from within reports during realtime

Example in playground


This extension allows you to install and use custom npm modules without a need to access the environment where is jsreport hosted. This can be very handy during common reports development because it saves time for server access and restarts. Also it opens the new possibilities in locked environments like jsreport online or playground.

Use npm module in helper or jsreport script

The extension exposes async jsreport.npm.require function which installs and loads the requested module. The module needs to be specified in form [moduleName]@[moduleVersion].

const jsreport = require('jsreport-proxy')
const moment = await jsreport.npm.require('moment@2.29.1')

function myHelper() {
    return "Today is " + moment()

Note the jsreport-proxy is a virtual module automatically provided to your sandbox, you can't install it from the package manager.

Use npm module in the template content

The extension exposes custom helper npmModule that reads the bundled distribution of the module. The module needs to be specified in the form [moduleName]@[moduleVersion]. handlebars

<script>{{npmModule "moment@2.29.1"}}</script>




The usage of the npm modules is opt-in and can be enabled in the following ways:

  1. enable config trustUserCode:true for the whole server
  2. set conifg extensions.npm.allowedModules:"*"
  3. set conifg extensions.npm.allowedModules:["moment@2.29.1"] and explicitly list modules users can require

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