Inline data extension

Use sample testing data during template development


The input to the report generation process is the report template and some json input data. You will provide these data to the jsreport API in the runtime, but it's not very effective to call jsreport API every time you want to see how will the report look like. There for jsreport comes with Data extension.

Data extension allows you to statically define input data using JSON syntax directly in jsreport studio and easily test your templates.


You can use standard OData API to manage and query data entities. For example you can query all items using:

GET http://jsreport-host/odata/data

A sample data item is usually linked to the report template by its shortid. In this case template structure with the report looks following in json:

  template : {
      content: "foo",
      data: {
          shortid: "sd543fds"          

You can also put inline data into template, which then looks like the following in json:

  template : {
      content: "foo"
  data: {
    price: 10,
    amount: 5,
    total: 50