Chrome image recipe


chrome-image recipe is able to convert html to image. It works just like the chrome-pdf recipe only some options are different.


The settings reflect the headless chrome API where you can also find detail information.

  • type
  • quality
  • fullPage
  • clipX
  • clipY
  • clipWidth
  • clipHeight
  • omitBackground
  • waitForJS
  • waitForNetworkIddle

These basic settings are typically stored with the template, but you can also send them through API calls inside the template.chromeImage property.

The options can be also dynamically set from within the page javascript using:

        type:  'jpeg'


The chrome-image recipe is part of the same extension as chrome-pdf and it shares its configuration. This means you can increase the timeout and other options the same way.

"extensions": {
  "chrome-pdf": {  
    "timeout": 30000,
    "launchOptions": {...}

Not only the configuration but also many aspects are the same. You can for example configure printing triggers, embed fonts, reuse chrome instances or even troubleshoot it the same way. Refer to chrome-pdf for details.