Simplified licensing

11-15-2017 10:30

We made the licensing simpler and less restrictive today. Let me explain what is changed.

One license to rule them all

There was always confusion about the difference between the royalty-free and the enterprise scale license. The original intention was to distinguish between an in-house development and embedding jsreport into solution deployed to multiple customers. This would allow us to change prices separately in time. However we made no price adaptations in time and now there is no point to keep this two licenses separately. We decided to unite scale and royalty-free license into one. This results into powerful license providing single license key applicable to infinite amount of jsreport instances no matter if you deploy in-house or to the end customers.

Less restrictions

The enterprise scale license as well as royalty-free were always restricted to be used in single logical application. This was supposed to prevent big corporations to buy one license and use it on many projects and departments. Such restriction was meaningful from this point of view. However it was too restrictive for software vendors developing lets say websites for many customers. It required to purchase a royalty-free license for every new website. For this reason we removed this restriction. The single scale license can be now used on multiple projects without restriction.

The licensing explained in few lines

The free license provides all features like enterprise, but is limited to maximum 5 stored templates. The enterprise licenses provides one license key applicable to single running server. It means the second server needs an extra enterprise license to be purchased. The enterprise scale license provides single license key applicable to infinite amount of servers. There is no other limitation.

Find more details in the buy section.