Release 2.7.0

03-04-2020 19:30

jsreport 2.7.0 is here

It took us quite a while this time, but today we are finally shipping jsreport 2.7.0 with very significant improvements. You can find the full details and release notes in the github releases as always. Here I share just the main highlights.

General timeout

Since the very beginning, jsreport supports setting different timeouts for templating engines, scripts or chrome but it is missing a configuration to set just one timeout for the whole report rendering. The 2.7.0 release finally brings the reportTimeout to cover this missing piece.

The reportTimeout should be the only option for the future and the granular timeouts are now deprecated. One timeout to rule them all.

Docx improvements

The docx internal implementation was dramatically optimized to support bigger documents and bring better performance. Additionally, the new version brings new helpers like

  • docxPageBreak
  • docxCombobox
  • docxCheckbox
  • docxImage with url support in src attribute

Html to xlsx

The html-to-xlsx recipe was also optimized. For this reason, helper htmlToXlsxEachRows was introduced which helps us to process big documents using streams without having everything in memory.

To speed up the rendering time new cheerio-page-eval html engine was introduced which doesn't require slow DOM loading.

Pdf utils

Pdf utils merge operations now produce dramaticaly smaller output pdfs. This is beause the extension filters out big duplicated streams like fonts.


Not so much visible, but the import/export extension now uses transactions with consistent and atomic writes. So it won't happen that import breaks your current data. If it fails everything is rollbacked. This works accross all stores including fs.