Print Chart.js into pdf using phantomjs

11-27-2016 15:13

Live example is here

Printing outputs of Chart.js using phantom-pdf recipe doesn't work by default and it usually produces an empty content in pdf. This is caused by charts' animations and it is required to instruct recipe to start printing content after everything is fully loaded. Fortunately this is very easy.

The first you need to instruct recipe to wait for your signal before starting printing. This is done in phantom-pdf menu under wait for printing trigger menu.

phantom pdf trigger

The second and also the last thing to do is catch chart event onComplete and trigger the printing

var myChart = new Chart(ctx, {
      options: {
            animation: {
                onComplete: function () {                
                    window.JSREPORT_READY_TO_START = true

Note you can do the same also with electron-pdf recipe.