Online service pricing

09-26-2014 14:45

jsreport online service providing pdf reports as a service is being used in many production running systems already and the time I am providing this service for free is closing. You can find newly introduced pricing model here.

Pricing model development was not very easy because there is not such a service proving reporting in cloud to compare with. So the price mostly covers hardware costs. The price is actually very similar to sending emails in sendgrid and you can see jsreport gives you much more so I think the service price should not be problem for anyone.

One of the interesting aspect I wanted to include in pricing model is the fact jsreport is open source project. Open source project is nothing without contributors and I want to encourage people to contribute to jsreport. Contribution doesn't necessary mean you send us new feature implementation. It can be also for example an article, documentation or even a bug report. All this things are very important to us. jsreport online service pricing reflects this and we provide a discount for every contribution you make. I hope this may motivate some people to be more active. So go ahead and contribute!