Every extension has its own repository

12-11-2015 09:48

Half year ago I wrote about the new lightweight node.js based document rendeing package toner. This package was extracted from jsreport and the intention was to make jsreport architecture more layered and also give the node.js community something lighter than full jsreport. After a while we realized we need to go even further. We wanted to give users an opportunity to install just extensions they really want and also emphasis jsreport extensibility. This lead as to complete restructuring of jsreport repository and splitting the code base into multiple packages.

Now you can find in the github/jsreport organization account the following repositories:

the minimalist pluggable rendering core

jsreport-phantom-pdf, jsreport-handlebars, jsreport-scripts, jsreport-express ...
every extension has its own repository

the full distribution referencing the set of extensions, mostly just wrapper package


This significant change was introduced in release 0.10, but as the end user you should not notice it because we tried to be back compatible everywhere. This post rather informs the contributors and extension writers how to orient in the new code base.

In the next post I will describe how use jsreport-core separately. It should be very exciting for the node.js developers. Stay tuned.