End user report customizations

11-05-2014 17:40

The most requested jsreport feature is here. You can now easily embed jsreport into your web application and let your users to customize their reports. This can bring very high value to your customers as well as flexibility to your software.

Allowing your users to customize their reports can bring a killing feature and huge advantage over your competitors. Defining pdf in jsreport is so simple that many current users are not professional developers. It is mostly only about html what can handle everyone. You also don't have to be afraid user will take your server down. This is assured by jsreport architecture putting safe report rendering to the first place.


As you can see we have reorganized the layout of jsreport to create more working space and fit better to the page. Many other improvements were made to fulfill this scenario. Like jsreport CORS support or security model.

Go ahead and check out simple demo at http://jsreport-embed.janblaha.net or visit the documentation page.

Plase accept jsreport embedding as unstable preview. We are looking forward to get a feedback.