pdf stock report

jsreport can render very complex pdf documents. It can render table of contents, bookmarks or truly dynamic headers. All of this can be done just with basic html and javascript knowledge.

pdf dashboard

Templating engine like handlebars can be used to dynamically assemble the dashboard tables. Literally every javascript library can be used to display dynamic charts. No limitations.

pdf e-ticket

The jsreport pdf renderer has full support for the latest css and javascript. This means implementing an invoice or an e-ticket can be done by every beginner developer just with basic css and html knowledge.

excel dashboard

Prepare xlsx template using destkop excel application. Upload it to the jsreport and use simple html and css to do the rest. jsreport takes care of transformating your html tables into the final excel report.

docx students

You can use a desktop word application to prepare rich reports. Simply type handlebars tags inside. The best is to let jsreport monitor file changes and automatically preview the output in the jsreport studio.

pdf forms

jsreport can create editable pdf forms with text fields, signature fields, check-boxes, combo-boxes or buttons.