Images extension

Upload static images into jsreport and add them into reports

This extension is deprecated, we recommend to use assets extension instead


Images is very simple but very handy extension. Business reports very often contain static images like company logos, themes, headers, footers and others. It's possible to reference image from any web based provider like skydrive or dropbox, but it is not very efficient to download same pictures every time you are rendering a report. That's why jsreport ships with Images extension.

You can upload images through jsreport studio as well as API. When you have uploaded image, you can insert it to the any template.

You can use following syntax to add data uri based image into html template

<img src='{#image Chrysanthemum}'/>

or use a absolute link to the image

<img src='http://jsreport-host/api/image/name/image-name'/>

Images can be also combined together with templating engines to get image dynamically

In handlebars you can use

<img src="{#image {{name}}}"/>

or in jsrender

<img src="{#image {{:name}}}"/>

Alternatively you can get just the raw base64 encoded image content using

{#image Chrysanthemum @encoding=base64}


You can use standard OData API to manage and query image entities. For example you can query all images using:

GET http://jsreport-host/odata/images

To upload an image you can use simple http POST because image content is just a byte array. You can find image entity structure in OData metadata

GET http://jsreport-host/odata/$metadata